The Beginning

Earlier this year as I was scanning my Facebook, a friend’s event popped up on my news feed. As it turned out, she is a member of Stanford Women in Business, a well-founded organization at Stanford University for undergraduates and graduate students to connect with businesswomen (alumnae or not). Their official mission, “to provide the women of Stanford University an opportunity to build a foundation in business and join an encouraging community of aspiring and successful businesswomen” cites several important issues at undergraduate institutions.

After exploring their website and blog, I found myself wondering why Colgate didn’t already have such an organization. In fact, there’s not even a business club at all. With pre-professional programs in engineering, health, and law, to name a few I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of student-organized business activities. I decided to narrow the spectrum by focusing on women at Colgate. This will allow the group to focus on women’s issues in the workplace, as well as spotlighting alumnae and other businesswomen.

As a junior abroad in France, and soon to be a rising senior, I decided that now was the time to make the leap. I emailed friends and family asking for feedback on my idea, and all I heard was yes, yes, yes. As it turned out, I had discovered a wide gap in student organizations and every female student I spoke to was completely on board. I set the idea on the back burner until earlier this summer I started to reach out to friends again and my dear advisor at Career Services, Teresa Olsen, who fully supports the group’s creation. In fact, she has graciously agreed to be the organization’s staff advisor.

The organization will provide organized business education, networking opportunities, and other related activities. The executive board is comprised of six women, all seniors at Colgate, who will run campus and online activities.

Officers: Carly Keller, Chief Executive Officer (Me)

Jenny Large & Markie Cohen, Co-Chief Operations Officers

Isabel Pluck, Chief Financial Officer

Lindsey Brummer, Chief Marketing Officer

Katie McChesney, Chief Communications Officer

I am thrilled to have such talented and dedicated women working alongside me in this endeavor. This fall semester will be particularly exciting for us as we pursue SGA recognition and attempt to execute all of our grand plans!


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