Internship Reflection: JumpStart Marketing Intern

This summer I had the opportunity to work at JumpStart Inc. – a non-profit venture development company in Cleveland, Ohio – as an Online Marketing Intern. I worked on IdeaCrossing, a free website designed to connect entrepreneurs with investors and other resources in order to build their businesses. As a non-profit, IdeaCrossing had limited resources, so I worked as part of a four-person team – two of whom were interns.

This small setting gave me the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about marketing and the venture capital industry while making tangible contributions to the company. I ran the site’s administrator account which included screening all new users to ensure the legitimacy of investors, entrepreneurs, service providers and business mentors. I also managed the IdeaCrossing support email which included responding to user inquiries and managing requests from vendors. Additionally, I posted a daily relevant article to the website and updated the events calendar.

I worked on a variety of other projects throughout the summer as well. I drafted and programmed a survey to send to IdeaCrossing’s users in order to get testimonials to put on the website. Additionally, IdeaCrossing’s largest initiatives were “regional rollouts” – efforts to partner with venture capital firms and increase membership in Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Upstate New York, amongst other areas. I supported this initiative in whatever way I could throughout the summer.

As a whole, the internship was an awesome learning experience and a job I truly enjoyed. JumpStart’s employees were a great group of people that were fun to spend my summer with. As the only full-time intern in my department, I wasn’t sure how close I would get to the others in the office, but we had a minor prank war, went to several happy hours and I really felt like I belonged there by the end of the summer. I’m planning to go back to JumpStart for a few weeks over winter break.

The internship made me really excited about a career in marketing, and certain that it is the path I want to pursue.


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