Microfinance: Living on One Dollar a Day

Christina Crowley of the class of 2014 passed on this group of students’ incredibly interesting adventure in promoting global microfinance. Here is what she sent us:

Some kids from my high school and a few of their college friends made this incredible documentary about their 56 days of Living on One Dollar a Day, and are currently touring around the country promoting both their movie and student involvement in global microfinance (organizations like Kiva and Grameen Bank).

They are also sponsoring a Simulcast class on Microfinance taught by Professor Sean Foote from Stanford University, with weekly broadcasts Mondays from 4:15-5:30 (starting this Monday actually). Last year over 70 campuses around the country participated in the simulcast, and I am trying to coordinate screenings at Colgate.

Check out their website and learn about their journey living on one dollar per day, and some of the things they are striving to do. 100% of the donations to their non-profit go to women borrowers in the US and abroad. In addition, you can look into joining their movement for supporting microfinance and fighting poverty. Their YouTube channel also showcases their project, the videos are really fascinating!


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