Julie Kelly ’04 Shares Practical Financial Knowledge

Julie Kelly ’04 exceeded all of my expectations on Wednesday night at the Investment Studies Program lecture.  Her teaching style resonated with students of all interests.  She not only educated us about financial terms that are often hard to fully grasp, but also provided us with practical advice about how to invest our money at different stages of our lives.

To be able to explain in layman terms what certain financial concepts mean is extremely challenging. To have your audience actually absorb what you are saying is a whole different ball game.  The thorough training I received as a Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual provided me with the tools I needed to guide individuals towards greater financial security.  I’ve seen some of the best at Northwestern Mutual master this advising approach and language, but I must say that Julie Kelly amazed me.  She not only reaffirmed my knowledge of financial planning, but also expanded it.

It was particularly rewarding for me to meet another successful female in the financial services industry.  I enjoyed getting to know Julie better after the conclusion of the lecture and appreciated her openness and willingness to help.  I look forward to staying in contact with Julie as I already see this Colgate alumna as someone who could be a female mentor in the industry.  Thank you, Julie!  It was a pleasure meeting you!


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