Comcast’s Finance and Accounting Program for Juniors

This was passed along to us by Morgan Giordano, class of 2014:

I just wanted to let you know the deadline for Comcast’s Finance and Accounting Program for Juniors is coming up and barely anyone has applied which means if your members of Colgate Women in Business apply they will be taken notice of and could get an interview really soon! If juniors have a 3.4 GPA or higher and are majoring or minoring in econ or something related like math they should email saying they heard the opportunity from the Colgate NBCUniversal Campus2Career Intern Ambassador or call 1-877-840-5818. Then if they can choose to email me, Morgan Giordano at, with their resume and cover letter stating what they are interested in and the location. I will pass this one to HR so it will be looked at by someone guaranteed. It is paid and the locations are in philly, nyc, denver, and LA. Thank you for letting people know about this and tell them to let me know if they have any questions.

This would be a really incredible opportunity so make sure you look into it if you’re an Economics or Math major, or even might want to go into finance or accounting! Email if you’re interested!


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