Finance Internship Opportunities for Juniors

For any juniors interested in finance, the deadline is coming up for a 2013 Summer Analyst Position for Barclay’s. If you’re interested, apply hereby November 16. The complete application can be found at:

Additionally, Keith Watkins in Career Services let us know about these internships with Colgate alumni representatives coming to campus soon:

T.J. Opladen ’07 of Bank of America Merrill Lynch will be interviewing on campus in early December for internship openings, and Tim Rice ’96 of Morgan Stanley will be offering internships in Equity Sales & Trading. Both of these opportunities will entail application deadlines within first two weeks of November, and I wish to insure that interested students enjoy the maximum possible notice. Know, too, that candidates abroad either semester will be considered for these positions. Morgan Stanley, in fact, has an early super day for students studying abroad spring semester.

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch internships are posted to naviGATE, and the Morgan Stanley internships will be posted in the coming days.

Definitely look into these if any juniors have interest!


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