Biz 101: Introduction to Business School

Our next coffee hour (11/27) will focus primarily on the topic of business school. We are lucky to have a Colgate alumna Skype into our meeting and elaborate on her experiences, but we must prepare ourselves for her virtual visit! We’ve put together a crash-course called ‘Biz 101: Introduction to Business School.’ Your first assignment is to take a look at the sources below.
  • Wikipedia offers a great overview of what business school is, with regards to types of degrees offered, courses, and a history of the field.
  • The Princeton Review delves further, breaking down the B-school curriculum into years one and two. This source has other useful features, including articles about types of MBA programs, finding which program is right for you, and GMAT/GRE testing.
  • Bloomberg is another excellent source! It features more B-school admission tips, program rankings, and financial aid information.
  • Out last source is a thought-provoking post from the Harvard Business Review Blog that questions the role of B-school and business ethics.
Happy reading, CWIB!

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