Deloitte Office Visit

On Friday February 1st, 2013 we were given the opportunity to visit Deloitte’s office in Rockefeller Center and met a number of successful Colgate alumni who work in the firms consulting division. When we arrived at the office Mitchell Brummer, a Colgate alum, greeted us and gave us an office tour. The office was brand-new and incredibly modern. There are no individual offices, but rather various rooms and lounge spaces where individuals can work. The design is supposed to encourage people within the firm to network. Employees seemed to take advantage of the spaces provided and were seen collaborating throughout the office. Mitchell then introduced us to Deirdre Ryan, another Colgate alum, who works as a Strategy & Operations Principal at Deloitte. Deirdre showed us how Deloitte employees are constantly learning by allowing us to briefly sit in on a training session. She explained that similar workshops are often held in order to ensure that Deloitte employees are informed about their particular division. In addition to on-site training sessions, employees spend time at Deloitte University in Texas ensuring that they are prepared to properly handle clients’ problems.

Deirdre gave a presentation about Deloitte and her Colgate experience. The first topic covered was an overview of what it means to be a management consultant. She explained that consultants generate value by delivering the skills, knowledge, and advice to address various business challenges for their clients. Deirdre gave examples of the problems she is currently working to solve. She is working with a company called YP, which used to be Yellow Pages, to help them rebrand, redesign, and re-launch themselves. She explained that she loved working for Deloitte because she believes they have a broader spectrum than some of the other consulting firms. They not only develop ideas, but also implement them. She also believed that Deloitte was an excellent place to work and explained to us the tradition of impact day, which is a day where every member of the firm volunteers somewhere. Deirdre informed us about Deloitte’s business analyst program, which provides recent college graduates with the opportunity to gain a firm understanding of the consulting industry. The program is a rotational position, which requires individuals to complete four unique projects with three different clients in two industries. Once the employee has completed the necessary requirements they can pick what projects they enjoy working on the most. Finally, Deirdre explained to us the value of a Colgate education. She believes that a Liberal Arts education provided her with a broad background and taught her to question everything, which is critical in the consulting industry. Rachel Miller, another Colgate alum, also sat in on the presentation and introduced herself to everyone. Rachel and Deirdre laughed about their experiences coming back to campus. Deirdre recently returned to campus this fall to interview students in career services. She shared two helpful tips when interviewing: be thoughtful about what you say, and be conscious of your appearance.

I really enjoyed visiting Deloitte, meeting the successful Colgate alumni currently employed in the consulting division, and hearing about various opportunities at the firm. Deloitte definitely appeared to be an excellent work environment full of intelligent and hardworking individuals.


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