Google Office Visit

On Friday, February 1, 2013 six of the women on CWiB’s trip to New York City were able to visit Google’s offices located in Chelsea and meet with Colgate alumnae, Sadie Thoma. Upon our arrival we were greeted by Sadie and escorted into one of Google’s many conference rooms. She had a presentation prepared for us to outline how Google is much more than just a search engine and to highlight their goals, beliefs and principles. Aside from their search engine we learned about the projects the company has been working on and improving such as Google Mobile, Google Plus and Google glasses. The company strongly supports the notion that technology and innovation are beneficial to society. The public opinion has been conducive to the belief that technology is a detriment to society and is exerting a negative impact on the world. Yet, at Google they believe that technology is helping to shape our lives for the better.

Advertisements and publicity are of the utmost importance for Google and they work on many campaigns for outside firms. Sadie’s particular job is to pitch ideas for advertising and marketing to different companies who are in need of Google’s services. An example of this was Lady Gaga’s campaign with Google to better target her fans and acknowledge her appreciation for their support of her career. Google helped her create an advertisement encompassing fan videos found across the Internet. For Google, innovation and creativity is key to their own success with marketing.

After Sadie’s presentation about Google and modern technology her coworker, the leader of Women at Google, came in to discuss the role of women in the workplace and at their company. It was agreed upon that typically men are more interested in high power positions and women can be more subdued in their desire for power. The role and presence of women in many industries has become increasingly more prominent over the years and must continue to increase if work equality is ever going to be achieved among the genders. After their respective presentations we were given a tour of the offices. The company culture promoted by Google makes it extremely evident why careers there are so lusted after – the environment was conducive to collaboration and the happiness of the employees is highly valued. Both Sadie and her coworker were two examples of women succeeding in the workplace and especially in the technology field which is typically dominated by men.

Once the presentations were finished we were given a tour of the offices. Certain workspaces and rooms were themed like the Lego Kitchen and the Pac-Man room. Napping pods were located throughout the office to encourage being well-rested and ready to work. Google was like a playground for adults who are shaping the future of technology every day. Each room had something quirky and fun about it making the atmosphere extremely conducive to mental health, well-being and productivity.

Meeting with Sadie and touring Google’s offices was such a rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable experience. It was phenomenal to see a Colgate woman in business successfully employed in the technology industry. It was apparent how much Sadie loved her career and how valuable her Colgate liberal arts education had been to her.


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