The Twitter Top 10

I don’t know if you know this, but I love everything about Twitter. I love the way I can instantly hear about events across the world, I love how many different opinions I can hear, and I love the silly and slightly ridiculous parody accounts (if you need a study/work break, @NotTildaSwinton is a classic). I even love Twitter so much that (spoiler alert) I have been the voice of @ColgateWIB for the past seven months.

I want to share with you 10 accounts that I have found particularly informative as a member of CWIB and an individual interested in business, social media, and women’s workplace issues. 

The Top 10: 

1. Levo League (@levoleague): tips and tricks on navigating the work world. 
2. Spike the Watercooler (@spikethecooler): career and life advice for hip women. Content is not always directly workplace-related, but is always super fun to read!
3. TedxWomen (@TedxWomen): features TED talks from leading women. 
4. Forbes Woman (@ForbesWoman): the more serious side of women’s issues in business. 
5. Wall Street Journal (@WSJ): tweets many current developments in the business world.
6. Lean In (@LeanInOrg): a global support community for driven women, started by Sheryl Sandberg. Her Twitter account (@SherylSandberg) is #7 on our list. 
8. Fast Company (@FastCompany): inspires creativity in business–think outside the box!
9. The New York Times (@nytimes): a good source for news about the world in general.  
10. And, of course, @ColgateWIB. 
This list is by no means definitive but is a great starting point if you are new to Twitter or want to learn more about women’s workplace issues. 
Happy Tweeting!

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