Making The Most of Your Summer Experience

Last night, at our final coffee hour, Vera Chapman from Career Services spoke with us about the various ways in which we can maximize our summer experience. In attendance we had a range of people who have paid internships, unpaid internships, and summer jobs. Additionally, some people are planning on studying abroad and others are still figuring out their summer plans. 

Vera advised us about the importance of making a good impression no matter what your summer plans are! Here are some of the tips she shared with us:

-Be confident! Be engaged!

-Always introduce yourself with a firm handshake and do not forget to smile

-Take initiative and seek out leadership roles

-Be professional in dress and language. Avoid using slang language or fillers

-Have a business card and do not be afraid to use it in order to network

-Show your knowledge but do not hesitate to ask questions

-Keep it short and sweet (KISS) when talking with coworkers and supervisors

-Always thank others in order to leave a positive impression


Additionally, we learned a few more tactics that will help maximize our summer experience while we are off-campus:

Be attentive. Vera emphasized the importance of writing everything down and always being engaged and eager to learn. We are all human and can easily forget things. Writing everything down will only help in the end. The summer is a fabulous time to learn new skills and take ownership of the projects you work on. It is always more impressive to be the leader of a project then a participant. Everything you learn this summer will provide you with anecdotes to share in future interviews and when networking. Do not be afraid to take on leadership positions and learn as you go! Keep note of the projects you accomplish this summer so you do not forget later on. The little things matter and you do not want to forget the amazing work you did. Be sure to network with coworkers and supervisors and remain in touch after the completion of the summer because you never know what future opportunities or connections they may have.

This summer you will most likely meet many new people whether travel friends, coworkers, or supervisors. Have your “30 second commercial” or “elevator pitch” prepared for when someone says: “So, tell me about yourself.” This is crucial in identifying yourself and starting and directing conversations.

Overall, be sure to use your time strategically. The summer is an amazing time to learn, reflect, and excel. Always perform above and beyond in everything you do and you will be guaranteed to have an amazing summer experience!

A special thanks to everyone who attended last night and Vera Chapman from Career Services! 


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