An email networking tool: Rapportive

At one of our recent coffee hours, Carly guided us through different ways to follow up after applying for a job or internship.  In order for us to follow up on an application successfully, we need to have the email address of whomever we wish to contact.  Sometimes, these email addresses are easily accessible via company websites or LinkedIn, but the majority of the time, finding people’s contact information takes a lot of digging and troubleshooting.  Sending an email to different variations of an email address (ie.,,, etc.) until you do not get a “mail delivery error” message back is one way to go about reaching out to someone, there is also a tool that helps make this process that much easier!

Rapportive is a Gmail add-on that helps you see a brief profile of the people you are emailing.  When you are composing a message, there is a sidebar that displays your email recipient’s LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, among others.  With this little tool, you can see whether or not you are sending an email to the right person before you send it.  If you’ve typed the correct email address for the individual you are trying to reach, their information pops up and you can know for sure you are emailing the right person.

Screenshot of Rapportive

You can install Rapportive here and give it a go! All you do is follow the download link, find the “Rapportive” file in your downloads folder, and double-click it to install.  You’ll know that you have installed it successfully when you next login to your Gmail account—there will be a Rapportive link at the top.  Start composing a message and see what happens!  Happy reaching out!


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