Summer Internships: The National Constitution Center

This summer I am interning at the National Constitution Center in the historic Old City district of Philadelphia. The Center recently unveiled their newest exhibit: “1968” which explores the Vietnam War, civil rights, women’s liberation and the counterculture movement taking place in America in that year. The exhibit opened this past Friday, June 14. Since its opening, the Center has been quite busy. I am excited to be interning this summer as visitors come to discover all the museum has to offer in its busiest season!

My internship is within the Visitor Experience department. This department is mainly responsible for the atmosphere and tone that is set by the museum for visitors as they first arrive. This experience begins upon entry to the museum and continues through a visitor’s interaction with all employees working in the lobby and in the exhibit spaces. As an intern, I will learn the standards and expectations of my department and how the staff upholds them. Visitor experience is tracked through customer satisfaction surveys and also by daily attendance records for general admission and registered group admission. Through their dashboard records, the department tracks attendance levels based on weather, events at the museum, events throughout Old City and national holidays. The summer season sees a tremendous spike in visitors as the Center is known for its festivities of both Flag Day and the entire week surrounding the Fourth of July in our nation’s birthplace. By entering Excel data for attendance and analyzing how receptive visitors are to the museum’s different programs, I will be able to study the trends in visitor growth over the summer months.

The Visitor Experience department attributes the success and profit of the museum to the general disposition of its staff. A high standard is set for those in this department who are expected to control and boost the quality of one’s visit to the Center. As the intern for this department, I am expected to assist and aid the manager of this department in her attempts to control all visitor-related concerns to ensure the best possible visit. While the summer progresses, my tasks vary from dashboard data entry and analysis to organizational tasks and letter correspondence with groups hoping to learn more about their future visit. In the coming months, I hope to learn more about the Center’s internal functioning and my department’s role in the operational strategy.


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