Weiss & Associates, P.C. Internship

Samantha Karp ’15 shares her summer experience:

This summer as a rising Junior, I am interning at Weiss & Associates, P.C.—a law firm in New York City. The firm does legal work regarding criminal, traffic, personal injury, and real estate cases, particularly specializing in traffic law.

I am having a terrific summer interning at the firm and genuinely learning a lot from my boss, Matthew Weiss, who from the beginning was eager and excited to teach me directly, bring me to court, and expose me to many aspects of the law that he is familiar with.

I learn by sitting in on examinations before trial, actual trials, real estate closings, and the like, while also writing up documents pertaining to clients of the firm. For instance, I draft settlement agreements, verify answers and affirmations, summons notices, complaints, etc.

As I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer, the experience so far has only heightened my fascination with the law and made me eager and zealous to learn more in any way that I can.

-Samantha Karp ’15


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