After the Interview, Ace the Follow-Up

As we progress into the fall, some seniors and juniors will find themselves in the rooms on the third floor of Colgate’s Center for Career Services. Here, the nerve-racking process of interviews for employers recruiting on-campus takes place. No fear, CWiB has posted various tips & tricks on the blog and on CWiB’s Facebook for the interview itself.

After acing the interview, don’t forget the last few steps that can make the best final impression. On her blog “HR Bartender: Work Responsibly“, Sharlyn Lauby, a HR consultant answers a reader’s question regarding the importance of a follow-up.

In her post, Ms. Lauby interviews Kevin Grossman, an executive at BraveNewTalent, and Chris Havrilla, a recruiting consultant and author of the blog, Recruiter Chicks. Both these experts reinforce the notion that a follow-up note is essential after an interview. It can come by e-mail or by hand, but overall it is a great way of 1) expressing “your legitimate and enthusiastic interest in the job” and 2) explaining why YOU are “the best candidate for the job, including a quick highlight of applicable experience and skills”.

Screen shot 2013-10-07 at 7.37.25 PM

Visit Sharlyn Lauby’s post for the full interview!

This can apply to an in-person as well as to phone or Skype interviews. Though it does not have to be a re-hashed version of a cover letter, let your interviewer know that you valued the time you spent learning about the company, how excited you are about this opportunity, and even try to include a quick link or anecdote to something about which you talked if it seems applicable (news about hobbies or experience you might share). Interviewers’ schedules are often packed with meetings once they arrive at Colgate; let them know it was worth the trip!


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