Summer 2013: SiriusDecisions

This summer I interned at an advisory firm in Wilton, CT called SiriusDecisions. Sirius was founded about 10 years ago by two men who realized there was a lack of B2B research and information on how to best align business’ sales, marketing, and product functions. After a few years of dedicated research, their innovative idea began to take off in 2005. As a results-driven individual, I felt I fit into the fast-paced culture of the company.  Since it is growing at a 43% annually, the employees needed to stay organized, learn quickly, and multitask.

I worked directly under the VP of sales, so I acquired knowledge of prospecting and negotiating through sitting in on client calls and sales enablement sessions. These calls usually included an Analyst who had about 15 years of experience in a specific field under their belt and the enablement sessions occurred every other week for the newly hired sales (and marketing) individuals. In this role I observed how sales people acknowledged potential problems and came up with a solution before the client even asks. I did projects such as editing informative power points for clientele, expanded existing accounts, added potential clientele in North America, Canada, & EMEA, recorded sessions with analysts, and organized training sessions for groups of 15 or more. This company is constantly evolving and you can feel the excitement it brings to all of the employees that work there. Sirius is far from reaching its full potential and I can’t wait to see where it is going to be two years out!

-Abigail Sickinger ’14


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