Immersion Trip Reflections: Sophie Salzman ’14

Seniors from CWiB traveled to NYC September 25-29th for a fun weekend packed with several employer site visits and great opportunities to meet and talk with accomplished Colgate alumnae. Below is a post by Sophie Salzman ’14, CWiB’s Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator.

After an exciting and informative day at eBay Enterprise and Google, the CWiB seniors geared themselves up for the reception at Hukkster, a company co-founded by a Colgate alumnus. Armed with our knowledge from the day, we welcomed alumni to a two-hour event where we were able to ask alumni questions about their careers, share our own professional experiences with them, and learn from their mistakes as well as their successes. Perhaps my favorite part of the evening was the speed dating activity that took place. The idea behind this activity was for us to generate a one-minute “elevator pitch” which would tell alumni the information they needed to know in order to give us their best advice and suggestions. I never realized how difficult it was to develop a one-minute summary of who you are, what you have done in the past, and where you want to go. Although I struggled at the beginning, as the end of speed dating drew near, I was able to confidently tell alumni about myself – my professional experiences, my on-campus leadership positions, and my hopes for the future – all within the specified timeframe.

Besides for nailing our elevator pitch, speed dating enabled my peers and I to talk with various alumni in different business roles. This gave us a taste for what they do on a daily basis. The alumni that were there had various occupations ranging from, for example, starting a company to consulting to human resources to administrative work. These conversations in and of itself provided the other CWiB seniors and I the chance to grasp a better understanding of the jobs out there. Moreover, these conversations opened the door to the networking world for all of us. As we know, not only are good grades, well-established leadership positions, and a well-rounded resume important in obtaining a job. Nowadays, it is about who and where you are connected to that matters.

By speaking to many female Colgate graduates, this reception gave us the opportunity to foster relationships and make connections. Even more so, this evening provided all of us with the chance to see that success after college is indeed possible if you put the right amount of hard work and effort into finding, and keeping for that matter, a job. I am confident that we all can follow in these women’s footsteps and ultimately be one of the alumnae speaking to current Colgate women down the road. At least, this is what I hope!


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