Winternship with! Start-up Wintership is a new online rental marketplace where renters name their price for vacation properties and book them in a 24 hour reverse auction. This online start-up needs smart, driven individuals to assist them with business development. There would be several opportunities to work remotely from campus.  Most of these responsibilities would be lead generation and incorporating different rental owners into our website (
Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 7.07.09 PM
This work will culminate at the end of the semester in a several week winternship in their New York offices. They work in a building with a variety of startups in different industries and levels of progress – it is a great chance to experience the startup culture first hand.
You will be paid per task, and they will be hiring 10-12 new full-time employees between March-June, in addition to taking summer interns. They are most comfortable with people who have been part of the process, and they encourage anyone interested to apply! Please feel free to contact Matthew Ford with any interest or questions. He can be reached at (908) 642-8920 or
You may apply online through naviGATE.

2 comments on “Winternship with!

  1. Sounds interesting. What does it mean to be paid per task and is in New York or from campus?

    • Hi! I believe tasks start immediately once hired (on campus). The internship also seems to include work over winter break in NYC. If you are interested in the position and would like to know more about the logistics and compensation, do not hesitate to email Matt Ford ’13 at Also if interested, you may apply through naviGATE.

      -CWiB Content Director

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