“Great Expectations for Female Lawyers”: NYTimes Article and Video

Back in 2001, Emily Nussbaum wrote a piece in the New York Times interviewing twenty-one young women who were beginning their careers at the prestigious law firm Debevoise & Plimpton in New York. The original article includes excerpts from interviews; women are confident in believing “you can have it all”, yet they are also painfully aware of a “double standard”, “discrimination”, and the impacts of additional roles they might assume as women (primarily, having children) on their careers. Previous records chronicling the number of women remaining at the firm  indicated an incredible attrition rate ; at the time, two remained of the 1981 batch, and only three from that of 1991.

Now, twelve years later, this video and opinion piece written by Florence Martin-Kessler sets out to discover where five of these women are today. How have their roles or views changed during this time?

It was really interesting to hear the women read what they had submitted twelve years ago in the New York Times; some  women were hesitant to reread their own words, such as one woman calling herself “naive”, but all were just as committed, if not more, to succeeding and achieving equity in the workplace, in any industry. As women who are looking to enter the business world in a few short years or months, spend a few minutes watching the video below from today’s New York Times! As always, please feel free to post a comment in order to foster more discussion around these relevant and important topics.

-Julia Luscinskas ’14


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