Spring Immersion Trip Reflections: Liz Mullin ’17

Twelve students traveled to New York City last month as a part of CWiB’s Spring Immersion Trip. Liz Mullin, Class of 2017 has shared some of her reflections below.


As a freshman, I am still on the road to figuring out not only the ropes of college, but which classes and interests along the way will spark a light inside for future career pathways. Colgate Women in Business took a group of 12 students to New York City with the aim of connecting past students to current ones in order to develop networking connections in all realms of the business world. We were able to meet with a variety of companies focusing on fashion marketing, investment banking and business consulting.

The most surprising aspect was the variety of information and advice every single alumna had for us. It was so refreshing hearing the completely different journeys everyone had taken to get where they were now. Here is a short but insightful list of pieces of advice I recall from the trip:


-Market yourself and the liberal arts education

-Keep track of yourself because no one else will do it for you

-Google the top interview questions and know your responses

-Be as resourceful as you can- Figure out as much as possible before asking questions

-Keep a clean and up-to-date presence online- decide whether your presence on all social media is for personal or professional use

-Internships, Internships, internships!

-Never talk about the money- you want the job regardless of the pay

-Work a job on campus (helpful for when you need references!)

-Research your interviewer and/or company to be fully prepared

-Follow up within 24 hours


It was so refreshing knowing that everyone we met went through such similar experiences as we are going through now—some were on clubs, varsity sports, sororities, and involved in a variety of other things on campus which gave great connections for conversation starters and points of interest. Personally, Deloitte Consulting peaked my interest the most because it was a career field I originally had no interest in and it completely spun my viewpoint around. The energy in the conference room gave a strong impression that everyone who worked at Deloitte loved what they did and who they worked with. I had never considered consulting and after walking out of that office I can without a doubt see myself in that field. Lastly, it was so enjoyable to be able to connect with the 12 girls from all different classes at Colgate. I loved all of our conversations, the laughs and the bonding experience to branch out and put ourselves out there to get ahead. This trip was hands-down one of the most influential and turning point experiences I have had thus far at Colgate and I can’t wait and continue to be a part of the CWiB club to further my connections and foster deeper relationships with women in all classes here.


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