Madison Mann ’16 Reflects on Latest CWiB Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour: Nov 5, 2014

Wednesday’s coffee hour started out with a video of Jennifer Baker, who spoke about the importance of stories, which are about twenty-two times more memorable than facts. I found this to be very relevant because as I continue to prepare for interviews, this is a great way to start thinking about I want to shape my experiences into stories as a way to help market myself. This was a good introduction for the focus of the coffee hour, which was all about interviewing. Members of our CWIB executive board gave a mock interview. It was clear and helpful to see ways in which stories can be powerful tools of engagement as we watched the contrast of a good and bad interview. A specific helpful instances in the ‘good’ interviewee was when she described an experience where she did not get along with someone she worked with, but sat down to discuss and work out differences in order to move forward for the good of the group. The stories were a good way to combat the ‘bad’ interviewee’s answers, which seemed inconsistent; in other words, stories are a good way to help keep you on track. After the mock interview, members broke up into small groups to share stories where we thought about how to turn a weakness into a positive, how we would represent ourselves through story, and how to bring up relevant, positive stories in interviews. This gave members a chance to interact and get to know each other while also practicing an important skill!


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