Recap of Wednesday’s CWiB Coffee Hour on Networking

Tonight we discussed successful networking techniques and learned how to use Colgate connections to navigate your professional networks. We heard from Career Service’s Sharon Attaway, recent Colgate alumni, and Colgate’s Manager of Media Communications, Matt Hames.

Sharon Attaway:

  • Pursue things that are fundamentally interesting to you
  • Conduct ample research. Search for Colgate Alumni on LinkedIn
  • Talk to as many people as possible! Alumni are extremely responsive
  • Get the word out. Tell everyone you know that you are on the job hunt so they will keep you in mind if they hear of any opportunities
  • Constantly update content on LinkedIn
  • Set SMART goals: sensible, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time sensitive
  • Record professional voicemail on your phone
  • Always send a thank you letter and/or a follow up email depending on interaction
  • Always check naviGATE. There are always new listings
  • As a part of this organization, use this time to think about what you want out of next semester

Jill Arnault:

  • Meet with alumni and take all the opportunities that you are given
  • Attend as many networking events as you can and make sure to have conversations. Standing in a corner is not going to get you anywhere
  • Read a lot of job descriptions and try to figure out what sounds interesting to you
  • Be confident in your liberal arts
  • Other extra things to do: volunteer, get a part time job, internships, job shadow, network

Lara Donahue:

  • Intern with legitimate companies where you know you will be given responsibility and projects that will be beneficial to you. You can use these stories in future interviews

Matt Hames:

  • LinkedIn will get you a job but Facebook will cost you a job
  • Go to – takes you to Colgate and shows you all of the alums. 21,183 alums and current students on LinkedIn. Can sort by major, grad year, job title, company, location
  • Seniors: get the mobile alumni directory on Jan 1 This directory sinks with LinkedIn
  • HR people are looking on people’s LinkedIn accounts without you knowing

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