Kenzie Hume Reflects on the First CWiB Coffee Hour of 2015

Our first coffee hour of the semester was an excellent opportunity to network within our own group. We began by doing an icebreaker that I had learned at orientation for my financial services consulting internship this previous summer. It is fairly simple, but a lot of fun. I made everyone put their heads down on their desk and close their eyes while I played clips from six eclectic songs, ranging from “Too Little, Too Late” by JoJo to “Day Tripper” by The Beatles. Then everyone held up their hands to represent their favorite song that was played and joined groups based on it. Each group had a facilitator on CWIB’s Executive Board, so we got an opportunity to get to know different members and figure out what each person’s goals were for participating in CWIB.
   After finishing our initial discussions, we divided into different groups based on our fields of interest. I led the consulting group and really enjoyed speaking to some of the younger girls in the group about my previous summer internships and how I prepared for the full-time job recruiting process. We talked a lot about case interviews, and I shared that I had spent many hours practicing with Abigail Sickinger, who I had met through CWIB my sophomore year. By sharing this with the group, I really felt like I was reinforcing the whole purpose of the meeting — we are amazing resources for one another and even as college students it is already important to be building a professional network.

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