Colleen Heaney and Maggie McKenna discuss the most recent CWiB Coffee Hour

I thought I was a LinkedIn pro. I had over 60 connections, endorsements on endorsements, and the best action verbs found in the dictionary. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After attending the Colgate Women in Business LinkedIn workshop this past Monday night, I learned that there is much more to LinkedIn than its appearance. You can use it as a tool, as something that really can pave the way to new opportunities. Other first-years and I worked directly with Natalie Sportelli ’15. She showed us the most expedient way to search for possible employers and Colgate alums that are willing to work with us. We learned the importance of outreach e-mails and how to expand our networks in ways that would benefit us the most. I learned so much from the LinkedIn workshop. I can now use my LinkedIn as a resource to further my interests and search for opportunities that match my career path!

-Colleen Heaney

At this past meeting for Colgate Women in Business, I learned a lot about how to best use my LinkedIn profile as a resource for finding internships and jobs in the future. This meeting included topics such as how to best portray my resume on my profile, by learning to effectively categorize the contents of it. Additionally, one of the things I had trouble with prior to this meeting, was knowing what to include in the descriptions for my activities/awards. It is important to use action words in the descriptions and to specify the names of Colgate clubs or organizations that might not be self explanatory, such as Sidekicks. Finally, we learned that it is very important to have a profile picture on Linkedin, something very simply headshot, like a Gate Card picture.

~Maggie McKenna


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