CWiB NYC Immersion Trip Reflections from Siobhan Deacy ’17 and Michela Hendell ’18





Siobhan Deacy:

The CWIB Immersion Trip to NYC provided great insight into a vast array of job functions and industries.  The trip started off Friday morning with a visit to Ernst and Young in Times Square.  Here, we were presented to about the company and its goals.  We learned about the objectives of EY and its future ambitions for growth.  After this information session, we had the opportunity to speak with recent alumni who work in the Business Advisory Program or BAP.  They explained their interview process, what they do on a daily basis, and the types of projects they work on.  Overall, it was a good, in depth look at the Consulting Industry.  For the second visit of the day, we traveled downtown to AOL.  The office environment was much different than EY, as it was more open and featured scattered Ping-Pong tables, massage chairs, and nap-pods amidst the office space.  At AOL, we had an alumni panel where the women described their different jobs and how they received them.  After, we got a tour of the office.

For the last two visits, we went to NBC and Spencer Stuart.  At NBC we were greeted in a boardroom with a large group of women.  The structure of this visit was different, as we were divided into subgroups to network.  For instance, some women were in fields of marketing, ad sales, and finance.  Thus, we were able to speak to women in the fields that we were interested in.  Finally, we walked to Spencer Stuart, and Executive Search Firm.  We met with four alumni ranging from different ages.  They first explained what Executive Search meant, as many of us were not sure what the field was.  After they explained the structure of the company we spoke about successful interviewing skills and how to network.  The night ended with a networking dinner with three CWIB alumni, who graduated last year.

Overall, the trip was fast-paced and busy, but it allowed us to cover so many different companies and network with plenty of alumni.  The trip provided insight into various fields and allowed us to understand more about what graduates are doing with their liberal arts degrees.

Michela Hendell:

This Colgate Women in Business trip was an amazing experience. It exposed me to so many different industries that I would not have ever considered without visiting. I have always known that I wanted to go into business because I enjoy interacting and networking with other people, but I had no firsthand experience in any specific field. One of the industries I knew the fewest things about is finance, specifically wealth management. EY was a very interesting company for me to have the opportunity to visit because I was learning about the type of work they do there for the first time. It was also great to see so many Colgate students working together and continuing the Colgate tradition. The next company we visited was AOL. I loved the creativity of the company, it is apparent everywhere- even in the way the office is decorated. CBS was an interesting company to see because it offered a lot of “in-house” services such as marketing. This contrasted with EY’s business model, an independent firm that offers its services who don’t have wealth management services within the company. Spencer-Stuart was probably the most eye-opening visit for me. It does not seem like something I would be ready to do shortly after graduation, but later on in my career after experiencing the business world on my own. Not only was this trip fun, but it helped me see all of the different paths my future career can take and the timeline of it.

I loved hearing about all of the benefits of a liberal arts education. Everyone I asked was very adamant about the skills Colgate offers that are not earned by students at undergraduate business schools. The alumni we spoke to said the technical skills taught in these business schools can be learned on the job. However, the public speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills cannot be, allowing Colgate students to excel in whatever business sector they choose to work in.


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