More from the CWiB Immersion Trip from Liz Mullin ’17, Maggie Bankert ’18, and Caroline Parsons ’17

Liz Mullin ’17:

This semester’s Colgate Women in Business trip to New York City was a tremendous success. I really enjoyed the site visits and opportunities to network because industries like “Executive search” and “Ad Sales” were areas I didn’t know a great deal about, but now I can say I have a point person and a company to research even more and explore future opportunities.

My favorite part about the trip would have to be our site visit to NBC Universal headquarters in Rockefeller Center. I was fortunate enough to coordinate this visit since I am on the Colgate Women’s Varsity Soccer team and had been in contact with a soccer alumna. When we arrived, there were women across many different departments all under NBC that came to network with us. They were extremely excited about the opportunity to connect the NBCU Women’s Network with Colgate Women in Business. Although only one of the twenty or so women who came was a Colgate graduate, we were able to network with all of them on how they got to their respective positions, what it was like to work at NBC, what the process was like for prospective interns etc. I was extremely grateful for this opportunity because NBC has become one of the top company’s I am now looking into for a summer internship.

Ending the day at Spencer Stuart was also a great experience because I never even knew the field “Executive Search” was such a thing. It was interesting hearing what they had to say about their company because they are the consultants leading the search for Colgate’s next president to replace President Herbst. At the end of our meeting they were nice enough to collect everyone’s resumes and promised to send them back with critiques and helpful advice. I am really looking forward to their constructive comments on ways I can improve it.

Overall, the visits to Ernst and Young, AOL, NBC, and Spencer Stuart were extremely beneficial in focusing my career search while also expanding upon my interests in fields and opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise known existed. After coming back, I feel motivated to reach out to the women I met and ask further questions. Now that I have a point person to contact at these companies I am looking forward in applying for future internships, or even being directed to other companies that also offer internships in the same industry.

Maggie Bankert ’18:

The trip to New York City was such an amazing and informative experience for me. As someone who is interested in a career in business, I hoped the trip would help determine which sectors of the business field I found most interesting. Going to EY, AOL, NBC, and Spencer Stuart definitely helped me do this, as each company is unique in its function. Additionally, many of the women we talked to held different positions, which gave all of us some insight as to different types of positions there are in business, regardless of the company.  I think as a group we all learned a lot of important information about these different companies, but more importantly how to best prepare ourselves for applying for jobs and internships at companies like these in the future.

Another great part of the trip was meeting all of the Colgate alumni and starting to create my first Colgate network. Through our different meetings, it became very apparent how dedicated alumni are to helping Colgate students. Having heard the stories of how many of the women used alumni to help with internships and jobs, I definitely plan on taking advantage of the alumni network, especially Women in Business alumni, whenever possible. Overall, I had a great experience on the immersion trip and now know that a career in business is definitely something I want to pursue in the future.

Caroline Parsons ’17

This past weekend I was a member of the Colgate Women in Business immersion trip to New York City and I really enjoyed every moment of the trip. My goal going into the trip was to learn about how different business function and also to understand the journeys of the employers who worked there. The trip far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get to see how different businesses worked but I also had an incredible amount of networking done throughout the trip, which I did not expect. I thought the trip was very well organized and planned in order to give us a full spectrum of the business world. From Ernest & Young to AOL I was able to gain more knowledge about what types of job opportunities there are in the real world. Although I am only a sophomore I believe this trip has led me in a direction that will help to determine what kind of professional avenue I want to expand on in my future.


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