TOMORROW AT 4:30, Deborah Tutnauer ’81 Presents: Demanding Your Value: How Smart Women Can Stop Settling for 75¢ on the Dollar

4:30 – 5:30, Friday March 27
Persson Auditorium

Presented by Deborah Tutnauer ’81, Success coach and mentor

Women consciously and unconsciously carry around old stories and heavy baggage regarding money. Often they can end up confused about value, worthiness, self-worth, greed, power, altruism and business and how all these pieces should come together. The issue is contained within women themselves and the greater culture in which we live.

The outcome is that women still get paid less than men for the same work, even today when some are calling “Women’s Liberation” a worn out term.  As a whole, women still earn on average 75% of what men do for similar work.

This talk will help women understand how they often sell themselves short because of their conscious and unconscious relationship to money. We will look at expectations and unspoken agreements that form the fabric of our culture in families, the workplace, and society as a whole. This will include early messaging, media, business, and family structure. We’ll talk about challenges in how women relate to money as entrepreneurs, in the workplace and personally and then provide perceptual and practical solutions for change.


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