A Call to First-Years and Sophomores… Why Join CWiB?

“Why join Colgate Women in Business?” a first-year might ask at the activities fair. “Sure, I’m a woman but I have no idea what I want to do after graduation!”

Colgate Women in Business (CWiB) is more than a pre-professional group on campus. CWiB helps undergraduate women build confidence, understand their strengths, and realize their passions.

CWiB shares insights about how to break into the business world and the opportunities that exist post-Colgate. Our organization educates women through their peers and from Colgate alumnae in varying business fields. The support of other women who have been through the internship and job search processes is paramount and provides a reliable support system to students entering business.

My involvement in CWiB has helped me narrow down on careers that I don’t want to pursue, which is just as useful as realizing a specific path after graduation. I have had the opportunity to build relationships and gain advice from alumnae who see the value in supporting undergraduate women. I have learned life-skills in CWiB coffee hours, such as budgeting and the importance of body language, which I can always carry with me.

When I joined my sophomore year, I was looking for some more information about career fields that might be interesting. Since then, I have come to love this organization of women who support one another and who take advantage of all that Colgate has to offer.

– Mallory Hart ’16, Content Director

Here is why some of our Executive Board Members decided to join CWiB in their first-years….


“I joined CWiB as a freshman because I knew that from the start I really wanted to be on top of driving my career and understanding how career exploration and the job search worked. I also really wanted something I could get involved in from an early stage in my college career. In the spring of my first-year I served as the Conference Director of the first Immersion Trip, and by the end of that semester I was selected to serve as the CFO. The experience I received early on from CWiB was vital to my development throughout my career at Colgate!”

– Elaina Atallah’16, CEO


“I joined CWIB for a few reasons: to meet smart young women, to increase my exposure to the business world, and to become more comfortable networking. In the past few years I’ve been involved in CWIB, the club has absolutely fulfilled my expectations and more. Joining CWIB was one of the best decisions I’ve made at Colgate!”

– Ariana Martin ’16, CFO


“I joined CWiB my first year as the secretary for the executive board to learn more about the experiences of other females on campus seeking to transition their liberal arts education to business industries. The group seemed like a great network of women looking to empower each other in their career pursuits and I knew I wanted to be a part of it early on to ensure its success on campus.” 

– Lauren Casella ’16, CCO


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