Navigating NaviGate

By CFO Ariana Martin ’16


Using NaviGate, Colgate’s job and internship database, can be super intimidating and confusing if you have never used it before. I would recommend every first year or sophomore to begin toying around with NaviGate, even if you are not yet applying to jobs. You will use NaviGate so often as an upperclassman, it would be great to be comfortable with the program before it is necessary.  Here are some general tips for using NaviGate that are very helpful when applying to jobs!

  1. Start using it ASAP: The sooner you are comfortable with the program, the better, as it will be a necessary part of applying to jobs later in your Colgate career.
  2. Complete your profile: This is the first thing you should do before starting to apply to any jobs—put in all information that you can because this will enable to find jobs you actually qualify for.
  3. Use the Documents tab: This tab is where you upload all of the documents for your job applications—including your resume, cover letter, and transcripts.
    1. Make sure you update your resume regularly and that the resume saved in your documents is the correct resume for the job you will be applying to—using a resume tailored for a different job or internship posting is a very common mistake!
      1. Since I was always applying to the same type of job, I used the same resume for everything. However many people apply to different types of jobs and require different resumes for specific applications.
    2. Name each document you upload with relevant information such as your name, date, and company the document is for so you don’t accidentally submit the wrong document.
      1. Example cover letter name: Amartin CL JPMorgan
      2. Example resume name: Amartin resume 2_21_15
  4. Finding relevant jobs: Finding jobs you are actually interested in can be difficult, especially since NaviGate usually has hundreds of different opportunities. Use these tips to focus your search.
    1. Click “Jobs & Internships” “Navigate listings” Advanced search
    2. Using advanced search will enable you to put in filters for all the jobs on NaviGate
    3. Put in location preferences, job function, industry, and position type so that only relevant jobs come up
      1. Side note regarding job function: this is related to the type of work you would be doing, regardless of industry. For example, if you put in “Finance,” jobs within any industry (such as Fashion, Health Care, etc.) in which one would be filling a Finance role will come up.
    4. Put in the type of position you are looking for—an internship, a full time job, etc.
  5. Deadlines:
    1. Be very aware of deadlines on NaviGate—put them in your calendar and keep in mind the time in addition to the date.
    2. If the NaviGate application page sends you to apply to the job on another website, make sure the deadline on that page is the same as the deadline on NaviGate—students have made mistakes with this in the past that prevented them from applying to the job!
  6. Pay attention to every detail on the application page!
    1. Make sure you read every detail and every word on the job description on the application page—every detail is important and may include a piece of information that could disqualify you from the job. So make sure to read everything!  

Overall, NaviGate is an extremely useful tool to find employers who are specifically looking for Colgate students. Being comfortable with NaviGate is the first step to success after Colgate!


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