Spring Immersion Trip Wrap-up

By Charlotte Scott ’19


Colgate Women in Business members travelled to NYC to visit Macquarie Capital, Buzzfeed, Spencer Stuart, and PricewaterhouseCoopers on Friday, March 4 to gain insights into opportunities post-graduation.

On March 3rd, a group of twelve Colgate Women in Business members left campus to head for New York City as a part of the 2016 Spring Immersion Trip. Tabytha Ruben and Iris Kang, the co-directors of this trip, planned our itinerary, which consisted of four company site visits at Macquarie Capital, Buzzfeed, Spencer Stuart, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

While visiting these four companies, we received a presentation on the company and its role within its respective industry, engaged in interactive Q and A sessions, and met with Colgate alums and their colleagues within the companies. Throughout the day, we gained valuable exposure to a variety of industries. Additionally, we learned about each company’s daily operations as well as its long term goals.

These four companies represented a breadth of industries, ranging from investment banking to tech start-up to consulting/auditing services. At Spencer Stuart, we were able to gain insight into the executive search industry and the dynamics of people to people work that come into play when deciding whether a professional will be a positive match for a certain business culture.

After the four site visits, we participated in a networking dinner, where we had the opportunity to interact in a more individualized setting with Colgate alumnae. Alumnae and CWiB members shared stories of our time spent at Colgate, and discussed ways in which current students can build a strong foundation their own career paths. Alumnas offered thoughtful advice as they reflected on their own post-Colgate career backgrounds.

Iris Kang, one of the trip coordinators expresses her thoughts on the trip as a whole…
“I was fortunate to be part of coordinating this semester’s CWiB immersion trip to NYC and to meet smart young women participating in this trip and in the industries that we visited. When looking through applications, we realized that there were scattered interests in finance, marketing, advertising, and consulting. Tabytha and I wanted to organize an immersion trip that provided an exposure to the full spectrum of the business world and networking, so we chose sites that were very different from each other. From Macquarie to Buzzfeed, I hope I can say that all participants were able to gain more knowledge about what types of job opportunities there are in the real world.”

Colgate Women in Business hosts an Immersion trip once each fall and spring semester. Anyone considering applying should do so to take advantage of this unique and valuable opportunity.

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