CWiB 2016 Fall Immersion Trip Reflections (Madeleine Cuddy ’17, Emily Klein ’18, and Anna Rummel ’19)



Last week, 10 members of Colgate Women in Business travelled to New York City for the 2016 Fall Immersion Trip.  Charlotte Scott ’19, the Immersion Trip Director, worked with Siobhan Deacy ’17, CEO, and Julie Hadjiyane ’18, CFO, to coordinate site visits and a networking reception with CWiB alumnae.  The visits included Google, Morgan Stanley, and EY.  The day concluded with a networking reception of recently graduated alumni combined with members of Colgate Finance Club and Colgate Consulting Club.  Below are reflections from three participants on the trip!

Madeleine Cuddy:

The fall 2016 CWiB Immersion Trip to New York City was incredibly informative, inspiring, and enjoyable. Colgate alumnae were so generous with their time- talking to us both as a small group and individually about their experiences in the consulting, technology, and finance industries. Alumnae offered us tours of industry-leading companies (Google, Morgan Stanley, and EY), where we were able to see and experience various company cultures. While these company cultures were each very unique, they were all a powerful combination of creativity, trust, intellect, teamwork, and passion.

I am eager to apply to Google in the future, after speaking with CWiB alumna Rebecca Rittenberg ’15 and exploring the Google office in Chelsea. Google’s company culture really values transparency and well-being- in an effort to maximize Googlers’ productivity and happiness. During weekly “TGIF” meetings, Googlers have the opportunity to ask questions to Google executives such as Larry and Sergey (Google’s co-founders). Even the office space itself is designed to promote Googlers’ well-being- through playful Razor scooter stations (also practical for speedy travel throughout the big office building) and relaxing massage chairs, for example. Among other spaces, fantastic restaurants and cafes sprinkled throughout the building foster collaboration and innovation- by not only nourishing Googlers with high-quality, healthy (and indulgent) food, but also by providing informal spaces for discussing work and meeting other Googlers.
I am really grateful to have attended the Immersion Trip, an opportunity that allowed me to experience company cultures of a variety of industries and connect with impressive, passionate, and caring alumnae.

Emily Klein:

Last week’s CWiB immersion trip was a great learning experience, and one of the things that I’m happiest to have taken advantage of in my time at Colgate. Visiting Google, Morgan Stanley and EY was a great overview of  broad range of industries, and while I am pretty firmly set on pursuing finance, it was really helpful to get a glimpse at what careers in Consulting and Tech (particularly for non-tech employees) might look like. The most valuable part of the trip, though, was meeting so many great alums. It was nice to see that Colgate alums are present in every industry, and that they are so willing to provide support for current Colgate students. It was also particularly exciting to see so many Colgate women looking to help each other out, which is one of my favorite parts of CWiB in general! Overall, it was a great trip, and I would suggest that all CWiB members apply in the future!

Anna Rummel:

The CWiB Immersion Trip to New York was an unforgettable experience. The site visits to EY, Morgan Stanley, and Google were integral to my career exploration and helped me discover what industries I am interested in. In fact, the visit to EY made me realize my interest for the consulting industry. The opportunity to connect with alumni at the site visits and at the networking reception was definitely a highlight. It was amazing to get to know other CWiB members, past and present, who all understand the importance of supporting each other to succeed in the business world.





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