Navigating the Internship Search Abroad

Check out some tips for the abroad internship search from CWiB’s Spring Chief Communications Officer, Ellen Brunker ’18.

This fall I spent studying abroad in South Africa.  Studying abroad in the fall is sometimes not recommended because of all the on campus recruiting that goes on, but if you are proactive, very doable.  Below are a couple of tips I have for navigating the process!

  1. Start early – a lot of times companies have meet and greet networking events during the summer.  Try to make it to a couple of these, if possible, to meet people at the firm and help them get to know you as a candidate.  Further, it helps you decide if it is a career and position you want to pursue.

  2. Use the Colgate Connection – It can never be said enough.  The Colgate connection is amazing – while abroad, I was in contact with a Colgate Alum who knew of a different Alum in Cape Town, South Africa for the weekend.  We met up for coffee and I gained insights into various careers I was considering, as well as perspective on the application process. Colgate alumni, from my experience, are happy to and want to help you navigate the process – so be sure to utilize them!

  3. Network with the firm you are applying to.  At nearly every firm I had contacted or talked to an employee at, I got invited for a first round interview.  Those I had not, I never heard from. Reaching out and showing interest to the firm is so important for securing the first round interview.  It helps them pick you out from the pool of original applicants they receive.

  4. Research – make sure you know the company and the position you are applying for.  Read about them online through various resources such as Vault, the company website, and current news articles.  Being up to date on the company and its industry is important!
  5. Preparation – I reached out to Career Services for mock interview practice which I found very helpful.  It gives you the opportunity to practice rehearsing interview questions aloud and help you get comfortable with the interview format. In addition, many of my first round interviews were via Skype or phone call, so I googled interview tips and etiquette for that kind of interview as well.

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