Interview With CWiB Alum Elaina Atallah-Yunes

What is your current position and what does that entail?

I am a Staff in EY’s Operational Transaction Services group. OTS guides companies through mergers and divestitures from a variety of standpoints (Project Management, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain, IT, Legal etc.) to ensure that the process not only goes smoothly, but that it is performed in a way that maximizes the value of the deal.

How did you find out about consulting and EY specifically?

I found out about consulting through the Consulting Panel at Sophomore Connections. There were alumnae from EY on the panel who I then followed up with one-on-one to learn about the firm itself.

What steps did you take while still at Colgate to land your job?

I made sure that I took on roles both on and off-campus that flexed my ability to work both quantitatively and qualitatively. I held finance and project management related roles in both CWiB and my greek organization. During my summer internships I expressed a desire to take on responsibilities and projects that would require me to work heavily with data to reach key business conclusions.

What are your responsibilities?

As a staff, I am supporting my teams in a variety of ways. I am responsible for tasks ranging from creating project plans and presentations to creating models to reach key business decisions. I have had the opportunity to even present and run meetings for C-Suite executives.

What does a career path look like in consulting?

There is no typical career path in consulting. People enter and exit (and re-enter) the industry at all phases of their careers. If you were to stay at a large firm your trajectory would typically look as follows:

Staff/Business Analyst



Senior Manager

Partner/Principal/Executive Director

How quickly you advance through these roles all depends on your performance and skill set.

What advice do you have for sophomores as they begin to narrow their career interests? What about for juniors as they enter their internships? For seniors entering their first year of employment?


Talk to as many alumni as possible. Attend events such as Sophomore Connections, networking events, and/or recruiting events on campus. Reach out to alums via LinkedIn and iCan that work at companies/industries you are interested in.


As you enter your internships try to take on responsibilities that give you skills that translate into the industry you are interested in. For example, in consulting, try to find experiences that will build your quantitative analysis skills, ability to work in teams, and comfort presenting findings to clients/superiors. Most people do not have consulting internships going into full-time recruiting. Take advantage of the city of your internship and try to talk to as many alumni as possible and keep in contact with them throughout your senior year.


Enjoy your senior year!

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