Day in the Life: Megan Semeraro’s Summer Internship Experience at Citi

Megan Semeraro, a senior member of Colgate Women in Business, interned as a Markets Summer Analyst at Citi. Check out her blog to learn more about her summer experience!

My Experience as a Markets Summer Analyst at Citi

Last summer, I was a Markets Summer Analyst at Citi. The program is ten weeks long and consists of a week of training followed by three different rotations. The rotations are on three different desks across different asset classes, which allows each intern to gain unique insight into the various aspects of sales and trading. Furthermore, most interns rotate throughout sales and trading desks to gain exposure into both types of desks and their roles. My rotations included Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) Secondary Trading, Global Cash Equity Sales Trading, and Interest Rate Swaps Trading. Through these rotations, I learned a ton about a variety of different products and the markets for them. On an average day, I would spend a few hours sitting with people on my desk to learn more about the product they worked with and their specific role or type of client. I also spent time sitting with people on other desks to learn about products that I did not formally rotate through. The program is organized in a way that encourages interns to spend time on desks in every asset class, which is really helpful for seeing what could be a good fit if you want to have a full time career in markets. Each rotation also has a presentation that typically consists of different trade pitches to senior floor members. The presentation was usually with a group, and was a great way to learn how to work with other interns. The presentations were also a great way to meet people on different desks, as their expertise could be very helpful before presenting. The program has a good variety of individual work and learning from your desk.
The program at Citi also included a ton of opportunities to meet both other interns and full-time employees throughout the summer. The interns would have a “lunch and learn” at least once a week, which consisted of a presentation from a specific desk and time to ask questions afterwards. This more or less ensured that all the interns were introduced to desks in every asset class across sales and trading, and also was a great opportunity to network with desks that you want to learn more about. There were also various networking opportunities with more senior people in markets at Citi. These networking opportunities allowed interns to make strong connections during the summer. Additionally, each intern has a Junior Mentor and a Senior Mentor who can help you to navigate any challenges you may face. There are so many people who want you to succeed, which makes the process feel welcoming even as an intern. Citi also has incredibly strong women’s networks, and all female interns had multiple chances to meet senior women in markets. This women’s network allowed female interns to learn invaluable advice from women who have spent their careers in sales and trading.
Overall, I had an awesome experience as a Markets Summer Analyst at Citi. The program encourages interns to learn as much as they can while also giving plenty of opportunities to network and meet people across the firm. I am looking forward to joining Citi Markets full time this year. If you have any questions about sales and trading at Citi, feel free to email me at



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