The Inside Scoop to Business School with Charlotte Burkly, ’06

This past Tuesday, CWIB met Charlotte Burkly, a ‘06 alumna via Skype in order to learn about business school, the application process and the benefits of earning an MBA. Charlotte currently works in the admissions office at the Columbia Business School in New York City.

Charlotte opened by revealing the main reason people apply to business school is to change jobs. Charlotte told us that the average applicant has between three and seven years of work experience as well. With this information however, she encouraged us to take the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT as soon as possible, while our college test-taking skills are still sharp. The GMAT is required for all business schools and tests applicants on a range of quantitative, verbal and integrated reasoning skills.

Charlotte also offered the breakdown of classes during the two-year business program. She explained how the first year is focused on introductory courses specializing in marketing, finance, accounting or ethics, which all students must pass. The second year is more flexible, allowing students to choose their own classes according to their business experience and future career goals.

Finally, Charlotte spoke about the benefits of earning an MBA degree. From securing internships, to broadening your client and networking base to supplementing your knowledge of general business practices, business schools around the country are helping workers achieve their career goals.