Colleen Heaney and Maggie McKenna discuss the most recent CWiB Coffee Hour

I thought I was a LinkedIn pro. I had over 60 connections, endorsements on endorsements, and the best action verbs found in the dictionary. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After attending the Colgate Women in Business LinkedIn workshop this past Monday night, I learned that there is much more to LinkedIn than its appearance. You can use it as a tool, as something that really can pave the way to new opportunities. Other first-years and I worked directly with Natalie Sportelli ’15. She showed us the most expedient way to search for possible employers and Colgate alums that are willing to work with us. We learned the importance of outreach e-mails and how to expand our networks in ways that would benefit us the most. I learned so much from the LinkedIn workshop. I can now use my LinkedIn as a resource to further my interests and search for opportunities that match my career path!

-Colleen Heaney

At this past meeting for Colgate Women in Business, I learned a lot about how to best use my LinkedIn profile as a resource for finding internships and jobs in the future. This meeting included topics such as how to best portray my resume on my profile, by learning to effectively categorize the contents of it. Additionally, one of the things I had trouble with prior to this meeting, was knowing what to include in the descriptions for my activities/awards. It is important to use action words in the descriptions and to specify the names of Colgate clubs or organizations that might not be self explanatory, such as Sidekicks. Finally, we learned that it is very important to have a profile picture on Linkedin, something very simply headshot, like a Gate Card picture.

~Maggie McKenna

Do You Have What it Takes to Lead? Featuring Peter Browning ’63

The Robert A. Fox ’59
Management Leadership Program

Do you have what it takes to lead?
Featuring Peter Browning ’63
TuesdayFebruary 24
7:00-8:30pm, 207 Lathrop
Walk through one of Harvard Business School’s Top 10 most used cases, from the very man whose work is the subject of the case! 

Peter Browning ’63 has had a stellar career as a business leader and consultant. The Harvard Business School prepared a case study regarding his success in effecting changes at Continental’s White Cap Division. Join us to learn of his unique perspective on being an effective leader as he walks us through the HBS case!

7 Female CEOs You Need to Know

Commentary about high-powered female professionals is often dichotomous. Praise for their empowering mantras couples with eye rolls at their advantages and wealth. Applause for their efforts to break the mold meets with cries of privilege being the reason they’re able to do so. This isn’t a column to continue that dialogue; this is a chance to highlight their achievement while also drawing some lessons from their career that can be applied universally to anyone’s professional path.

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Seniors: Apply for the NBC Universal Page Program

Apply on naviGATE and apply at this website Applications are due February 17th! 

This opportunity is being presented by Cate Groper, Class of 2014 and Peter McEnaney, Class of 2014.
NBCUniversal Page Program – NY and LA Locations

About Us
NBCUniversal is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience. NBCUniversal owns and operates a valuable portfolio of news and entertainment television networks, a premier motion picture company, significant television production operations, a leading television stations group, and world-renowned theme parks. It is the policy of NBCUniversal and NBCUniversal’s affiliated businesses to consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy) sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.

Started in 1933 with locations in New York City and Los Angeles, the NBCUniversal Page Program is a prestigious and highly competitive yearlong program that acts as primary pipeline to entry-level positions at NBCUniversal. The Page Program not only provides a unique experience within the media industry, but also helps to train and develop future leaders within the organization.

NBCUniversal Pages have the opportunity to apply and interview for 12 week rotational assignments through various parts of our business that focus on public relations, marketing, and production within news, entertainment and film.  A sample of current assignments include but are not limited to:

• CNBC Mad Money
• Focus Features Publicity
• MSNBC’s Morning Joe
• NBC Entertainment Scripted/Unscripted Programming
• NBC Entertainment Digital Marketing
• News Advertising Production
• Saturday Night Live Desk
• Syfy Marketing and Press
• The Tonight Show Desk and Audience Key
• TODAY Show Production and Green Room
• Universal Television Studio Production
• USA Marketing and Publicity

In addition to participating in audience coordination for The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Seth Meyers, Pages also provide assistance for various special events/projects throughout NBCUniversal including election coverage, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Rose Parade,  the Golden Globes, and other red carpet events.

Pages located on the East Coast will also conduct studio tours for approximately several hundred thousand visitors per year.

Pages are required to attend professional development workshops, technical trainings, corporate seminars, and participate in exclusive company events such as our Page Program Speaker Series featuring current NBCUniversal employees, including members of the Senior Executive team, On-air talent, & Page Program alumni. One-on-one informational meetings with company Program managers provide Pages with a support system to foster job performance, career development training and advancement.

This is a tremendous opportunity that provides an invaluable learning experience for those interested in the day-to-day operations of news and entertainment media

Kenzie Hume Reflects on the First CWiB Coffee Hour of 2015

Our first coffee hour of the semester was an excellent opportunity to network within our own group. We began by doing an icebreaker that I had learned at orientation for my financial services consulting internship this previous summer. It is fairly simple, but a lot of fun. I made everyone put their heads down on their desk and close their eyes while I played clips from six eclectic songs, ranging from “Too Little, Too Late” by JoJo to “Day Tripper” by The Beatles. Then everyone held up their hands to represent their favorite song that was played and joined groups based on it. Each group had a facilitator on CWIB’s Executive Board, so we got an opportunity to get to know different members and figure out what each person’s goals were for participating in CWIB.
   After finishing our initial discussions, we divided into different groups based on our fields of interest. I led the consulting group and really enjoyed speaking to some of the younger girls in the group about my previous summer internships and how I prepared for the full-time job recruiting process. We talked a lot about case interviews, and I shared that I had spent many hours practicing with Abigail Sickinger, who I had met through CWIB my sophomore year. By sharing this with the group, I really felt like I was reinforcing the whole purpose of the meeting — we are amazing resources for one another and even as college students it is already important to be building a professional network.

Why Shark Tank’s ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Thinks Women Make Better CEOs


At a recent CNBC event, I spoke with Kevin O’Leary, who you may know as the shrewd and calculating entrepreneur and investor that goes by the nickname “Mr. Wonderful” on ABC’s hit TV show The Shark Tank. As we talked about investments, O’Leary revealed to me something that took me aback: “Women”, he said, “make better CEOs. All things being equal, given the choice between a woman and a man, I would pick the woman every time.”

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