Spring Immersion Trip Reflections: Miriam Charry ’16

Here’s a little recap of Miriam’s awesome experience on the immersion trip and how she has been using her alumnae network for her internship search!
At the beginning of March, a group of 12 CWIB members travelled to NYC for an Immersion trip. During this trip, we participated in three site visits in three different industries, some alumnae-led workshops, and a networking reception. Although this was the second CWIB Immersion trip I had attended, I still learned so much, and still reflect on it although my internship search is wrapping up.
I am personally interested in the marketing/advertising aspects of a company. One of the site visits that we did was to NYDJ Apparel, where Kate Foster-Lengyel ’99 is the VP of Marketing and Ecommerce. I had an amazing time job shadowing Kate in January through the Day in the Life program through Career Services, so when Kate agreed to host the group for a site visit, I was so excited. She explained to all of us what her role within the company is, and a little about fashion marketing and their specific goals as a company. Working on marketing activities for a fashion company would be a dream job for me, so when I applied to a couple internships in fashion marketing, I reached out to Kate to see if she had any advice or any possible connections within the companies that I could chat with further to learn more about the positions. Kate was extremely helpful and ultimately helped me in scoring a couple interviews with awesome fashion companies, truly showing me how helpful and willing to help alumnae can be when you reach out.
On the last day of our Immersion trip, we participated in a networking reception at the Roger Smith Hotel with four alumnae in different industries. I met Kelsey Hill ’04, another incredible woman who founded and owns her own marketing startup, kelsykate. After some great conversation at the reception, Kelsy suggested I email her later on to chat about marketing internships for the summer. Kelsy has given me some great advice throughout this process, and has done her best to help me in any way that she could, which, through the stress of the internship process, has been such a blessing.
The trip last month was a complete success thanks to the wonderful and helpful alumnae who volunteered to participate and spread their knowledge. Above all, looking back on the trip, I learned that the Colgate connection is always so strong, and alumnae in all industries are always willing to lend a helping hand to students, as long as students are willing to put themselves out there and ask for it. Based on the experience that I’ve had, I hope that all members will be able to participate in upcoming trips and take advantage of this network, utilizing our incredible resources and opening up new doors to as many new experiences as possible.
-Miriam Charry ’16

Summer 2013: SiriusDecisions

This summer I interned at an advisory firm in Wilton, CT called SiriusDecisions. Sirius was founded about 10 years ago by two men who realized there was a lack of B2B research and information on how to best align business’ sales, marketing, and product functions. After a few years of dedicated research, their innovative idea began to take off in 2005. As a results-driven individual, I felt I fit into the fast-paced culture of the company.  Since it is growing at a 43% annually, the employees needed to stay organized, learn quickly, and multitask.

I worked directly under the VP of sales, so I acquired knowledge of prospecting and negotiating through sitting in on client calls and sales enablement sessions. These calls usually included an Analyst who had about 15 years of experience in a specific field under their belt and the enablement sessions occurred every other week for the newly hired sales (and marketing) individuals. In this role I observed how sales people acknowledged potential problems and came up with a solution before the client even asks. I did projects such as editing informative power points for clientele, expanded existing accounts, added potential clientele in North America, Canada, & EMEA, recorded sessions with analysts, and organized training sessions for groups of 15 or more. This company is constantly evolving and you can feel the excitement it brings to all of the employees that work there. Sirius is far from reaching its full potential and I can’t wait to see where it is going to be two years out!

-Abigail Sickinger ’14

Interning at FairWinds Partners

Domain names, squatting, and gTLDs: Interning at FairWinds Partners

Screen shot 2013-10-19 at 5.05.11 PM

This fall, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will be rolling out hundreds of new gTLDs for organizations that weathered the rigorous application process. This past summer I spent a lot of time thinking about gTLDs or general top-level domains (.edu, .com, .net, .biz, and 21 others). Soon we might be directed to sweaters.gap or amazon.book for our online shopping – cool and relevant stuff!

My internship this past summer at FairWinds Partners introduced me to the world of domain names and the internet industry in general. Up in Saratoga Springs, I had a fantastic experience working at this domain name strategy consulting firm. Of course, like most internships, I went in with extremely limited knowledge. The other two interns and I spent our first week researching this niche market and trying to figure out what services exactly FairWinds provides to its clients.

After familiarizing myself with the company and its services, my day to day activities included researching potential new clients, analyzing domain name portfolios of existing clients (Ben and Jerry’s was a fun one), creating blog posts for the Marketing/Communications department, and assisting the consulting and business development associates with their long and short term projects. Through these tasks I learned more and more about domain names, digital property rights, new aspects of the internet industry, and the clients that FairWinds serves. I was fortunate enough to work in a small office: three interns, a business development associate and one of the founding partners. It was my first “desk job” , but it was by far one of the most valuable experiences and it has me excited for the “real world”! I loved my internship this summer and if any of this sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to contact me to learn more!

-Julia Luscinskas ’14

Landing the Internship: The Museum of Modern Art

Pam Duncan ’14 shares how she landed her awesome internship:

I love art. I know business. And this summer, I have been able to perfectly combine these two passions of mine with an internship on the Special Events Team at The Museum of Modern Art.

My summer at MoMA has been amazing so far. Instead of focusing on the wonderful internship program here (which is a blog post in its own right), and I going to write about landing the internship of my dreams.

1. Have a plan. I am methodical and organized in every aspect of my life, and the internship search was no different. I knew that I wanted to work on the business side of the art field, so I made a list of the companies and organizations on which I was going to focus my search. I aimed for the top, for the “heavy hitters” in the art industry.

I suggest making a list of five organizations/companies and intensely focus your search on those five. Five is a good number – it is manageable enough for you to get to know the organization very well and for you to maintain your alumni relationships, but it is big enough for you to have back-up internships if a few fall through.

2. Use iCan. I searched on iCan (Colgate’s alumni database) and made a list of the Colgate

alumni who worked at each of my five focus organizations. I emailed one or two of the alumni at each organization. In my email, I introduced myself, told them my background, and asked if they might have time to speak with me about their own career paths and their company’s culture. Treat it as an informational chat, not a job interview. If you are likeable enough, your alumni contacts will bend over backwards to make sure that you do get an interview with their company.

3. Apply for Career Services Funding. I was accepted to my dream internship program, which was awesome. Unfortunately, this dream internship was unpaid, which was less awesome. I knew that this would not be an insurmountable problem though, because I knew about Career Services Summer Funding.

Colgate’s alumni are so fabulous that they will not only help you land the internship – they will help you fund it. Career Services Summer Funding provides Colgate students the funds that they need to pursue internship or research opportunities. A lot of students apply for the funds, so it is a bit competitive, but you will never receive the funding if you do not apply!

I am living in Manhattan this summer, which cuts my commute down from two hours (if I were commuting from home) to ten minutes. My Colgate Summer Funding covered almost the entire cost of my housing, and I could not be more appreciative.

You might be thinking, “Pam, it’s almost August, so isn’t it a bit late for this advice?” No way, I say! It is never too early to start the internship search for next summer (I usually start my internship search in early October), and this is advice that rising seniors will be able to use in their job searches. Happy networking!

 -Pam Duncan ’14

Intern In The City

Elaina Atallah-Yunes ’16 shares her experience living and interning in a new city for the summer: 

As a college student who attends school forty-five minutes away from my hometown, working in New York City for two months has been equally exciting and daunting. Navigating a new city and a new job has had its challenges, but has also led me to grow as a professional and as a person. The transition has not been as difficult as I anticipated, but I owe much of this result to a couple of key choices I have made, along with a little bit of luck.

I am currently working as a summer intern at Hukkster: a tech start-up that sends consumers alerts when the products they want go on sale. I am one of four undergraduate interns at the company. My fellow interns have been great people to talk to about the trials and tribulations of living in a big (and expensive) city, whether it be sharing restaurant recommendations or sharing our newest NYC discoveries.

One of the biggest obstacles college students face when coming to the city for the summer is finding affordable and suitable housing. Since I do not live in the tri-state area, I donʼt have the luxury of commuting to work. Instead, I chose to live in NYU dorms. Their buildings safe, affordable, and in convenient locations. I was lucky enough to score an apartment in Union Square, a 10 minute walk from Hukkster headquarters in the Flatiron district. My dorm also has a kitchen, allowing me to save money and cook for myself. I was assigned three roommates, all of whom were interning in the city as well. It is always fun to come home and compare and contrast the experience of working at a start up and the Fortune 500 companies that they work for, finding that each have their benefits.

Exploring the city has been my favorite part of living in New York. There are so many fun neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality. My two favorite places to go are Central Park and Soho. Central Park is absolutely beautiful and a lot of fun, whether it be going for a run or just enjoying the weather. SoHo, by contrast, is filled with a mix of cool restaurants and boutiques. Both are fun places to people watch.

Unfortunately, New York City is very expensive to live in. I have handled this by setting a strict weekly budget for myself, packing a lunch for work, and getting a part- time job as a hostess at a restaurant (where I also get free meals). My time in the city has made me more street savvy and adventurous. It has been a great experience that I will never forget. 

Elaina Atallah-Yunes ’16

Morgans Hotel Group Internship

Samantha Kaden, soon to be a Junior at Colgate, reflects on her time spent interning this summer at the Mondrian SoHo, part of the Morgans Hotel Group: 

The program kicked off mid-June with an extensive training to acclimate the interns to Morgans’ history, culture, and ideals. I work within the Human Resources department and I have been given a great deal of responsibility within the department, fulfilling many of the typical duties of an HR Coordinator.

From interacting with applicants to aiding employees with internal issues, I am learning a great deal about the inner workings and operations of the company, as well as the inter-departmental cooperation that must happen on a daily basis to keep things running smoothly. Human Resources is a crucial pin that holds the hotel together, and I have a newfound appreciation for this field of work.
I work for Lourdes Shapiro, the manager of Human Resources, who has been a fabulous mentor to me so far. She is always willing to include me in the daily office activities and provide me with individual responsibilities I can take ownership of. I have been put in charge of four projects, many of which are requested by the corporate office.
-Samantha Kaden ’15

Weiss & Associates, P.C. Internship

Samantha Karp ’15 shares her summer experience:

This summer as a rising Junior, I am interning at Weiss & Associates, P.C.—a law firm in New York City. The firm does legal work regarding criminal, traffic, personal injury, and real estate cases, particularly specializing in traffic law.

I am having a terrific summer interning at the firm and genuinely learning a lot from my boss, Matthew Weiss, who from the beginning was eager and excited to teach me directly, bring me to court, and expose me to many aspects of the law that he is familiar with.

I learn by sitting in on examinations before trial, actual trials, real estate closings, and the like, while also writing up documents pertaining to clients of the firm. For instance, I draft settlement agreements, verify answers and affirmations, summons notices, complaints, etc.

As I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer, the experience so far has only heightened my fascination with the law and made me eager and zealous to learn more in any way that I can.

-Samantha Karp ’15